Web Resources for Kiteboarders

Web-based resources for kiters that give good information about preventing injuries and/or dealing with them once they've happened can be pretty hard to come by.  

Here's a selection of the ones that I'm aware of.  Some are free, and some have costs attached.

If you know of others, drop us a line  ( and we'll add them to this page.

Stretching for Kiteboarders:
The IKO have developed an online training course called 'Stretching for Kiters' which you can get more info on their website via this link:

The course, which costs US$15, consists of a 21 page  booklet and on-line quiz that you can take.  The material was prepared by a US-trained chiropractor now based in Cancun, Mexico and gives a good overview of stretching and injury prevention.  In common with other e-books on the web, payment is via credit-card and access is available thereafter.
Kiteboarding Workout and Nutrition Guide:
PDF E-Book written by Sarah Ellis (see video below) that contains info on general and trick-specific workouts, stretching, nutritition and common injuries.  You can get a free (14 page) extract by subscribing to  her website at this link:

A full copy (approx 60 pages) costs US$29.95 and you can either get it from the same website, or from Air Kiteboarding.
KBX: Kiteboard Exercises:
This is a great-looking site that has a wealth of information for kiteboarders. Some of the key pages to check out there include their pages on:
They also have a range of different workouts available for download too.
Stretching / Rehab Videos for Kiteboarders
These two videos contain examples of routines that you may find helpful.  

Yoga for Kiteboarders


Kiteboarding Exercises with Sarah Ellis (focus on low back pain)


Other Stuff!
Lastly, here are some links to local schools and stuff which you may be helpful.  If we've left anyone out, drop us a quick email (to and we'll add them in quick-smart.

Where to Go for Gear and/or Lessons
Where to Go On-Line to Get Help and Info
  • Seabreeze Forum (Australian forum for Kiteboarders, Windsufers, Paddle-boarders etc)
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